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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Fri Dec 16 11:48:10 UTC 2011

We will be speaking briefly about this during our ALAC conference call
next Tuesday, in the section "Policy Advice Development Calendar".

Although the ExCom has concluded that we neither have the bandwidth nor
the immediate knowledge to comment in the current public process ending
22 Dec 2011, I encourage members who have the knowledge and interest of
such matters to participate actively.
Seeing that the message contains a call for volunteers to participate in
the group and that the attached file contains questions to our
community, I shall be asking if there are any volunteers to collate our
response in time to submit it by 6th January 2012.
Kind regards,


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Dear Olivier,

The GNSO Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part C Policy
Development Process has begun and the Working Group formed to do the
work is requesting your group's input to help inform its deliberations.
As required by the ICANN Bylaws an ICANN Public Comment period
is currently open until 22 December. As recommended by the new GNSO
Policy Development Process which was adopted by the ICANN Board on 8
December, the WG is making direct outreach to several Advisory
Committees and to the ccNSO.

 The IRTP Part C Working Group has been charged with responding to three
charter issues:

  * "Change of Control" function, including an investigation of how this
    function is currently achieved, if there are any applicable models
    in the country-code name space that can be used as a best practice
    for the gTLD space, and any associated security concerns. It should
    also include a review of locking procedures, as described in Reasons
    for Denial #8 and #9, with an aim to balance legitimate transfer
    activity and security. 

  * Whether provisions on time-limiting Form Of Authorization (FOA)s
    should be implemented to avoid fraudulent transfers out. For
    example, if a Gaining Registrar sends and receives an FOA back from
    a transfer contact, but the name is locked, the registrar may hold
    the FOA pending adjustment to the domain name status, during which
    time the registrant or other registration information may have changed.

  * Whether the process could be streamlined by a requirement that
    registries use IANA IDs for registrars rather than proprietary IDs.

To assist the GNSO Constituencies and Stakeholder Groups with producing
their comments, an input template has been created. The WG has decided
to forward you copy of this template with the request that your group
consider using it as a basis for comment on the issues being discussed
by the WG. The template is attached to this email. While the template
was created specifically for the GNSO Stakeholder Groups and
Constituencies, it is hoped that it might also be useful in any comments
your group might decide to submit to the IRTP Part C WG. However, should
you decide to submit your comments in a different way that would be
welcome too.

The WG membership would also like your group to know that the IRTP Part
C WG is open to participation by members of the ICANN Community either
as representatives of a group, such as an AC, or as individuals
participating in their own capacity. We encourage your members to
participate in the IRTP Part C WG if they are concerned by the issues in
the WG's charter and wish to have a direct voice into the bottom-up
formation of the WG recommendations. The WG also would welcome a
designated observer or participant in the group, which can be designated
using the template or via email.

If possible, we would appreciate your feedback by 6 January 2012 at the

Best Regards,

James Bladel and Avri Doria, co-chairs of the IRTP Part C Working Group 

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