[ALAC] Proposal for ALAC work on future challenges

sandra hoferichter info at hoferichter.eu
Wed Mar 30 08:19:52 UTC 2011

Thank you Jean Jacques for moving this forward!

Dear all, please find my comments below.

Best Sandra

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Dear All,

this is an update on the project, incorporating comments and suggestions
received thus far (

30 March 2011).

Expressions of interest received from
-       Tijani Ben Jemma, TBJ

-       Sandra Hoferichter, SH

-       Dave Kissoondoyal, DK

-       Mark Rotenberg, MR (also candidate for Co-Chair)

-       Jean-Jacques Subrenat, JJS (also candidate for Co-Chair)

Once the list of members has been finalized by the ALAC, members of the Task
Force shall elect two Co-Chairs.
Those interested in being a member (and Co-Chair, as the case may be) are
requested to send in their candidature on this list, by Friday 1 April 2011
23:00 UTC.

You are requested to choose one of the following suggestions:
-        ALAC Task Force on Future Challenges, or ALAC TF-F (suggested by
- [comment] ALAC Task Force (SH)

-        ALAC Task Force ŒFuture¹, or ALAC TF-F (JJS)

-        ALAC Task Force on the Future of the Global Public Interest (MR)

-        ALAC Task Force on the Future of the Internet (MR)

-        ALAC Task Force on the Future of ICANN (MR)

-        ALACOM, or ALAC Outlook Mission (DK)

-        Public Interest Task Force (EL)

-        Forward-looking Task Force (EL)

-       Task Force on Future Challenges (EL)

It was suggested (JJS) that Staff be asked to find, among the models studied
by the BGC, one suitable for this Task Force.
It was further suggested (MR) that the Task Force be given a Mission
Statement, quoting the relevant section of the ICANN Bylaws, Art. XI,
section 9(4), "The role of the At-Large Advisory Committee ("ALAC") shall be
to consider and provide advice on the activities of ICANN, insofar as they
relate to the interests of individual Internet users.²

[comment] I choose 4 points

-       The global public interest, including definition, overlap or
separation of roles between various parts of the ICANN community, desired
contribution from At-Large structures, action and possible impact by the
ALAC on ICANN policy and orientations (JJS)

-       Key areas of possible ALAC action to uphold the global public
interest (JJS)

-       Beyond the ALAC Review recommendations: how to increase the impact
of At-Large within ICANN, inter alia policy formation, working with other
components of ICANN, a communications policy for At-Large (JJS)

-       Transparency (MR)

-       Consumer protection (MR)
[comment] 4(SH)

-       Improving outreach to and input from At-Large structures (TBJ, SH,
[comment] 2(SH)

-       ALAC further development (SH, JJS)
[comment] 1(SH)

-       Working with other components of ICANN to maximize impact (SH, JJS)
[comment] 3(SH)

-       Internet governance (DK)

-       End-users' Charter of Rights (EL)

You are requested to choose not more than five of the above, in your order
of preference (from 1 crucial, to 5 less important)

Your comments are most welcome.

REMINDER: please send your input before Friday 1st of April 2011, 23:00 UTC.


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