[ALAC] Proposal for ALAC work on future challenges

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Mar 28 07:39:41 UTC 2011


Please add me to the list of interested people.

As I have said to many, my own interest within At-Large (looking beyond the
new gTLDs issues which will eventually be resolved one way or the other)
involve moving the public interest from the occupation of an Advisory
Committee (and underlying structure) into an integral part of ICANN's DNA.
Such an effort will need to be proactive as we cannot count on other corners
of ICANN to initiate such a broad agenda.

One tactical component of this effort IMO is the creation of an end-users
Charter of Rights that IMO must frame all policy development and ICANN
operations, and ultimately become part of the bylaws. We addressed that
briefry during the RAA amendments WG where that was (probably rightfully)
deemed to be out of scope for that particular activity.

As far as naming, my first choice would be "Public Interest Task Force", my
second would be "Forward-Looking Task Force" and my third would be "Task
Force on Future Challanges".

- Evan

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