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Sujet: 	Additional elaboration on remaining GAC Board sessions
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As stated earlier, there is no GAC-Board meeting this afternoon at 4PM.
The Board and GAC continue to work separately, continuing its review of
the exchange of information as well as consider the recent community
inputs and transcripts from the recent the public session.

The GAC came to the session today with a lot of ideas and the Board is
taking time to process them all.  This schedule change should not be
seen as an indication of disagreement, but rather reflecting the volume
of work that is being completed and processed in a short period of time. 

The Board will be available to receive additional comments from the
community tomorrow.  It is intended to be a session to receive
additional comments on the pending issues.  Comments that were made
during the previous session have already been noted and do not need to
be restated.  Written statements should be provided for posting and will
not need to be read into the record, but will be considered by the Board.

The sessions are currently scheduled as follows:

New gTLD Program: Discussion of Issues Identified by Governmental
Advisory Committee, Wed 16 Mar 2011 at 09:00AM, Grand Ballroom. The
session will be held but may be shortened depending upon comments to
allow more time to work on preparation for the Board / GAC discussions.

The Board/GAC consultation will be open to the public again at Thur 17
March 2011 @ 0900. 

Hope this is helpful.


Kurt Pritz

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