[ALAC] Proposed integrated JAS charter.

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Feb 24 09:43:10 UTC 2011

Thank you very much Alan.
This is great work that is much appreciated. I trust that this
conciliatory approach will be recognised by all concerned.

With no further comments and after so much time spent discussing this
both in the JAS working group, but also elsewhere, I've given the green
light for an ALAC vote to be launched on this.

Warmest regards,


On 24/02/2011 03:41, Alan Greenberg wrote :
> I am sending this message at the request of Olivier.
> Please find attached my proposed revised charter for adoption by the
> ALAC. It has already been reviewed by the ExCom.
> I have included the original ALAC charter, the GNSO charter, the
> revised ALAC charter and a Rationale/Notes in a side-by-side format.
> - It preserves all of the important aspects of the ALAC charter.
> - It includes the aspects of the GNSO Charter in well delineated
> manner (the sections applying to the GNSO could be reordered to be
> consecutive, but I have not done that, don't really think that it is
> necessary, and feel that it may confuse the overall mission of the WG.
> - It will allow the WG to easily segregate the parts of its report
> that are targeted at the GNSO from those parts targeted at both the
> GNSO and ALAC. Moreover, it will allow a single report to go to the
> Board.
> There are two substantive content changes.
> - The section on investigating the $100k component of the fee has been
> removed. This was done at Cheryl's suggestion, but with the strong
> support of me and Olivier. I will let her present the rationale.
> - Avri had earlier suggested that the section on fund-raising and a
> possible foundation should be revised. I have included a new version
> from her. In the table, both the old and the new are presented for
> your review, and in the consolidated "clean" version, only the new.
> I have also included a single clean version of the proposed charter at
> the end of the document.
> Alan
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Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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