[ALAC] Submission of WT A's proposed ICANN Bylaw revisions to ALAC Chair & ALAC

Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques
Mon Feb 21 09:05:15 UTC 2011

This is to confirm that I've responded on both points by posting comments
in the appropriate area.

On 21/02/11 01:59, "Seth Greene" <Seth.Greene at icann.org> wrote:

>Dear ALAC members:
>Olivier has asked that I remind you to please review and comment on the
>ICANN Bylaw changes, regarding the ALAC, being proposed by Improvements
>WT A.  Please see Olivier's e-mail below.
>The proposed changes can be found at
>Changes+for+ALAC+Approval.  This Confluence page also contains an area
>for your comments at the bottom.
>Comments can be submitted until the ALAC meeting on Tuesday, 22 February,
>during which the revisions will be discussed.
>Many thanks,
>Seth Greene
>At-Large Improvements Project Manager
>Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
>Telephone:  + 1 (212) 662-7723
>E-mail:  seth.greene at icann.org<mailto:seth.greene at icann.org>
>From: Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond [ocl at gih.com]
>Sent: Saturday, February 12, 2011 10:14 AM
>To: ALAC Working List
>Cc: ICANN At-Large Staff; Seth Greene
>Subject: Submission of WT A's proposed ICANN Bylaw revisions to ALAC
>Chair & ALAC
>Dear ALAC members:
>At-Large Improvements Work Team A has asked the At-Large staff to submit
>the WT¹s (a) proposed ICANN Bylaw revisions and (b) proposed related
>timetable to me, as ALAC Chair.  It further requests that I forward both
>to the full ALAC for its feedback, hence this message to you.
>The two items for review can be found at the following links (on the WT A
> *   WT A¹s Proposed ICANN Bylaw Changes -- For ALAC
>NN+Bylaw+Changes+for+ALAC+Approval>; and
> *   WT A¹s Proposed Timetable Regarding ICANN Bylaw Changes ­ For ALAC
>In addition, the proposed Bylaw revisions, in the form of a red-line
>markup, can be found at this link (also on the WT A Workspace):  Red-Line
>of Bylaw Revisions by WT
>Please be so kind to note that:
> *   WT A collaborated closely with ICANN Legal ­ in particular, with
>Samantha Eisner ­ in the drafting of these proposed Bylaw revisions and
>the related timetable; both have the full support of WT A and of ICANN
> *   The revisions and timetable satisfy all requirements and
>recommendations within the Final Report of the ALAC Review Working Group
>on ALAC 
>-09jun09-en.pdf> (9 June 2009).
>The specific goal of the revisions is to clarify the ALAC¹s and
>At-Large¹s continuing purpose as the primary home within ICANN of the
>voice and concerns of the individual Internet user.  The details of this
>continuing purpose can be found in WT A¹s Simplified Improvements
>Once your feedback has been incorporated and its go-ahead given, the next
>step will be to send the proposed revisions to the SIC.  The SIC will
>then consider recommending that the Board commence the required public
>comment period.  (For that reason, a formal ALAC endorsement of the text
>is not necessary at this stage.)
>Please be so kind to give your feedback by the end of Friday, 18
>February, 2011.  On the pages of both the proposed revisions and
>timetable are sections for ALAC members¹ comments. Please fill them
>Warm regards,
>Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
>ALAC Chair
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