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Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Wed Feb 16 14:56:48 UTC 2011

Dear Jean-Jacques,

I entirely agree with your thoughts and arguments on the role of RALOs 
and the ALAC and I think, whenever/wherever the interests of Internet 
users are affected or potentially at stake, we should verify possible impacts 
on a regional level - what in the given ACTA case is rather clear to me - 
and raise our voice. I am conscious that it is an ambitious goal but we 
need to work and progress into this direction.

Therefore, I would support your ideas, particularly and at least to "make 
a brief statement supporting the ISOC position overall ...".

Thanks and kind regards,

 Jean-Jacques SUBRENAT wrote Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:01:
>Dear Wolf,
>thank you for providing the link to this comprehensive position paper from
>the Internet Society. I find that this ISOC statement is a model, and
>others, including ICANN, would be well advised to ponder its scope,
>wording, content and probable impact.
>Faced with such a shining example, what can or should the ALAC do? IMO,
>there are two paths:
>- make a brief statement supporting the ISOC position overall: this would
>be fine and would entail little effort, but of course we've already been
>followers instead of movers (see previous debate about the DNS being
>turned off in Egypt);
>- or, reflect upon the way ISOC perceives its role and acts accordingly,
>as this may potentially be of relevance to ALAC. Do we remain in
>"reaction" mode, waiting to be specifically requested by the ICANN Board
>to give advice on something, or do we consider it part of the development
>process of ALAC to select, on its own, some topics where it can add value
>and therefore gain further credibility? For instance, can we as the ALAC
>carry the ISOC reasoning one step further by concentrating on the
>implications of the ACTA, in its present form, for the general user
>If my suggestion of ALAC making a sort of ISOC+ statement were to be
>further explored, there would be a need to
>- identify, among the ALAC membership, those with legal expertise, e.g. in
>IPR, consumer protection, freedom of information in various parts of the
>- consult all RALOs to identify issues and questions, which may vary from
>one region to another (enforcement of IPR, injunctions against third
>parties, technological implications, IMPLICATIONS AND RISKS FOR THE
>On 15/02/11 22:20, "Wolf Ludwig" <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>as some of you may have realised already, I am deeply concerned about the
>>on-going process of the ACTA negotiations (ACTA stands for the
>>Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). In this context, I got to know the
>>ISOC statement ³Calling for an open and international dialogue Š².
>>In the statement, ISOC refers to / ³Šwishes to take this opportunity to
>>provide our preliminary perspective on those parts of the proposed
>>agreement which pertain to the Internet, Internet governance, Internet
>>technologies, Internet intermediaries and/or Internet users.² What is our
>>concern as well. I would like to share (with all those who haven¹t seen
>>the statement already) this with you. Full text see:
>>Kind regards,
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