[ALAC] ISOC statement on ACTA

Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques
Wed Feb 16 13:01:23 UTC 2011

Dear Wolf,

thank you for providing the link to this comprehensive position paper from
the Internet Society. I find that this ISOC statement is a model, and
others, including ICANN, would be well advised to ponder its scope,
wording, content and probable impact.

Faced with such a shining example, what can or should the ALAC do? IMO,
there are two paths:
- make a brief statement supporting the ISOC position overall: this would
be fine and would entail little effort, but of course we've already been
followers instead of movers (see previous debate about the DNS being
turned off in Egypt);
- or, reflect upon the way ISOC perceives its role and acts accordingly,
as this may potentially be of relevance to ALAC. Do we remain in
"reaction" mode, waiting to be specifically requested by the ICANN Board
to give advice on something, or do we consider it part of the development
process of ALAC to select, on its own, some topics where it can add value
and therefore gain further credibility? For instance, can we as the ALAC
carry the ISOC reasoning one step further by concentrating on the
implications of the ACTA, in its present form, for the general user

If my suggestion of ALAC making a sort of ISOC+ statement were to be
further explored, there would be a need to
- identify, among the ALAC membership, those with legal expertise, e.g. in
IPR, consumer protection, freedom of information in various parts of the
- consult all RALOs to identify issues and questions, which may vary from
one region to another (enforcement of IPR, injunctions against third
parties, technological implications, IMPLICATIONS AND RISKS FOR THE


On 15/02/11 22:20, "Wolf Ludwig" <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:

>Dear all,
>as some of you may have realised already, I am deeply concerned about the
>on-going process of the ACTA negotiations (ACTA stands for the
>Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). In this context, I got to know the
>ISOC statement ³Calling for an open and international dialogue Š².
>In the statement, ISOC refers to / ³Šwishes to take this opportunity to
>provide our preliminary perspective on those parts of the proposed
>agreement which pertain to the Internet, Internet governance, Internet
>technologies, Internet intermediaries and/or Internet users.² What is our
>concern as well. I would like to share (with all those who haven¹t seen
>the statement already) this with you. Full text see:
>Kind regards,
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