[ALAC] At-Large improvements update and call for more participants

Jean-Jacques Jean-Jacques
Thu Feb 10 08:34:18 UTC 2011

Dear Fouad,

I would like to echo your appreciation of the "Improvements project"
message: it is indeed a model of clarity, with a summary of work achieved
and outstanding challenges, as well as all the relevant links. As a
newcomer, I found this an efficient tool to get both an overview, and the
detail of ongoing work.

Let me add that, in my opinion, the ALAC web pages now form one of the
most coherent online tools of any ICANN community: congratulations to all
the volunteers involved, and to Staff.


On 09/02/11 16:31, "Fouad Bajwa" <fouadbajwa at gmail.com> wrote:

>Dear Olivier and all,
>I can speak from  * Work Team B on ALS participation *.
>Thank you for sending out this very important ALAC/At-Large
>Improvements project message in such a concise manner for the benefit
>of all in ALAC and yes we need everyone's participation and continued
>support as the work teams reach the most important phase of their
>work. The links shared in your message is the knowledge management
>result of these teams.
>I must share that during this activity, we have learned so much about
>the diverse capabilities that members of ALAC and RALO's bring to this
>important gathering of Internet users and into ICANN. There is so much
>experience, skills, mentorship and peer support in this network that
>is helping in redefining and building the foundation of a sustainable
>organizational future. This is a beginning and it gives a message of
>how strong this community has become today and where it is headed!
>Future results will determine this direction.
>Thank you everyone for your continued full support and participation
>that is facilitating so much! Hats off to everyone including Seth and
>At-Large staff for doing the great amount of detailed work and helping
>the teams work smoothly and consolidating all the information and
>knowledge generated into a usable wisdom!
>This is a great deal of the amazing and wonderful ALAC/At-Large
>Teamwork carries out in full motion!
>Best Regards
>Fouad Bajwa and for my colleagues Annalisa Roger and all our team members
>Co-Chairs  * *WT B on ALS participation *
>On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 7:12 PM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>
>> Dear ALAC members,
>> Our ALAC/At-Large Improvements project has entered its final and most
>> important phase, which will be one of our focuses in San Francisco.  For
>> that reason, I'd appreciate any of you not familiar with the
>> Improvements work to please review the progress made.  A good place to
>> start is the summary update below.  Primarily, I direct this request to
>> our new ALAC members as well as Regional Leaders.
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