[ALAC] At-Large improvements update and call for more participants

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Wed Feb 9 14:12:53 UTC 2011

Dear ALAC members,


Our ALAC/At-Large Improvements project has entered its final and most
important phase, which will be one of our focuses in San Francisco.  For
that reason, I'd appreciate any of you not familiar with the
Improvements work to please review the progress made.  A good place to
start is the summary update below.  Primarily, I direct this request to
our new ALAC members as well as Regional Leaders.


Secondly, this is our last opportunity to add new members to the
Improvements work teams.  Any of you who would like, please volunteer
for one or more of these teams.  Again, while all are welcome, I
particularly direct this request to our new members.  The WTs have had,
I'm pleased to report, the benefit of strong regional representation
from the start.


The co-chairs have, however, requested -- quite reasonably -- that
anyone now volunteering for a WT be sure to familiarize him- or herself
with its work thus far.  This will ensure that any new member is truly
an asset as the team begins the finalization of its work.  Also, please
feel free to discuss with the co-chairs which of the four WTs could most
use help at this point. 

The teams' different areas of focus are described below.

Kind regards,


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*ALAC/At-Large Improvements Implementation Project:  Update*

/8 February 2011///

* *


The current ALAC/At-Large Improvements project is now entering its most
important stage. 


A brief history of the project:

    * The ALAC/At-Large Improvements project grew out of a 2008
      ALAC/At-Large review, mandated by the ICANN Bylaws and conducted
      by an independent consultant.  The review findings are summarized
      in a 25 July 2008 report (Independent Review of the At-Large
      Advisory Committee:  Report to the Internet Corporation for
      Assigned Names and Numbers

    * Using these findings and the input from two public comment
      periods, a BGC-appointed working group -- the Review Working Group
      on ALAC Improvements -- produced 13 recommendations (contained in
      the Final Report of the ALAC Review Working Group on ALAC
      9 June 2009). 


These broad recommendations describe key improvements prescribed for the
ALAC and At-Large, focusing on the groups' organization, effectiveness,
participation, and relationship to other ICANN entities.  The
recommendations are described on the project's main Confluence page, the
At-Large Improvements Workspace
and, as a practical matter, have been divided into manageable tasks
listed in theSimplified At-Large Improvements Implementation Outline


Of the 13 recommendations, Recommendation 2 -- the need for an
At-Large-selected ICANN Board member -- was separated out for completion
by the At-Large ABSdt and BCEC.  Its implementation resulted in ICANN's
first Director selected by At-Large being seated during the recent
Cartagena Meeting.


More recently, the remaining 12 recommendations were grouped by topic
and divided among four At-Large Improvements work teams.  A summary of
each team's topic, assigned recommendations, and meeting schedule follows:


    * *WT A on ALAC's continuing purpose *

Meets every other Thursday at 18:00 UTC

Rec 1: ICANN Bylaws to reflect ALAC's continuing purpose

Rec 2: ICANN Bylaw changed related to At-Large-selected Director

Rec 10: ALAC/At-Large is home of individual Internet users

Rec 11: Board statement recognizing Rec 10


    * *WT B on ALS participation *

Meets every other Wednesday at 13:00 UTC

Rec 3: Remove any obstacles in ALS-RALO-ALAC structure

Rec 4: ALS education and engagement

Rec 7: ALAC should choose its own communication/collaboration tools

Rec 9: ICANN should strengthen its translation/interpretation tools


    * *WT C on ALAC planning processes *

Meets every other Wednesday at 19:00 UTC

Rec 5:  ALAC should develop strategic/operational plans as part of
ICANN's planning process

Rec 6:  At-Large should develop accurate cost models


    * *WT D on ALAC's policy advice processes *

Meets every other Thursday at 19:00 UTC

Rec 8: ALAC may request public comment period be extended to 45 days

Rec 12: Consumer representatives should have input into decisions and
policy advice

Rec 13: ALAC/At-Large policy advice mechanisms should be strengthened


Each Improvements WT began meeting in September 2010.  Each includes
representatives from At-Large's five regions.  And the calls of each
occur every other week for one hour in English.  The tentative deadline
imposed by the ALAC for the completion of each WT's mandate is the end
of March 2011. 


While all of the WTs are now entering the final and perhaps most
important phase of their work, each obviously has different tasks ahead
of it.  Other tasks, of course, will be similar for all of the teams;
these include: 

    * Refining the improvements under discussion;
    * Determining the practical steps needed to implement these
    * Turning their improvement plans into ALAC proposals; and
    * Presenting their proposals to the At-Large Community and ALAC for
      feedback during ICANN's San Francisco Meeting.


For further details on the ALAC/At-Large Improvements project or any of
the WTs, please see these additional resources:

    * The main workspace of each WT, which includes member/co-chair
      lists, meeting minutes, and WT-created documents:
          o Main WT A Workspace
          o Main WT B Workspace
          o Main WT C Workspace
          o Main WT D Workspace
    * Status of ALAC Improvements Implementation (9 March 2010; Nairobi)
      including a detailed history of the project;
    * ALAC-At-Large Improvements Implementation Project Plan (7 June
    * ALAC/At-Large Improvements Implementation: Update (5 Dec 2010,


Also, please feel free to contact the WT co-chairs (see the WT
workspaces above) or the At-Large Improvements Project Manager, Seth
Greene, at seth.greene at icann.org <mailto:seth.greene at icann.org>.


Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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