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On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 10:40 PM, SAMUELS,Carlton A <
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> In this environment, it is always useful to stay with principle and on
> message of principle in these matters.  I would just say "since we are not
> apprised of  a sufficient reason for a closed meeting, we would strongly
> recommend the default open meeting. At the minimum, we should expect
> interested parties accommodated as observers".
> If you like, you might further remind the participants of the several
> commitments to transparency in all dealings affirmed to the AoC.
> The parsing as to who qualifies to enter the pearly gates - this is the
> 'solomonic' reference, ala King Solomon of Biblical fame  - comes across as
> unctuous...maybe even special pleading by its select representation
> described; Tijani's point, btw.
> Carlton
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> Hello Carlton,
> thanks for your kind comments - my answers below.
> Le 13/01/2011 15:36, SAMUELS,Carlton A a écrit :
> OCL:
> I'm presuming the back channel work to reach the GAC has failed, yes?
> Assuming it is the case, then to my mind much of the preamble might not be
> necessary; I think distillation is the watchword here, especially if you go
> with "is made with agreement of the ALAC"; it a slightly different take on
> the ALAC statement.  Should be best advised to just *state* the issue of
> concern and say what the ALAC-supported posture is.
> If it is the case the back channel contact was successful but the
> conversation inconclusive, then  being 'solomonic' about it comes across as
> wishy-washy.  State the principle that ALAC supports, inclusive of the
> circumstance where the ALAC would support a variant action, acknowledge that
> this meeting *might* require the exception and reiterate a clear position on
> why the ALAC would find the exception acceptable.
> The "back-channel" work to reach the GAC has not failed, but when speaking
> to GAC members informally, one actually speaks to... individual GAC members.
> If you wish to speak to the GAC as a whole, a more united voice to the GAC
> Chair obviously gives more weight to our argument than an informal channel.
> This statement is structured in order for it to be directly cut/pasted for
> comment to all GAC members. I very much welcome alternative text if parts of
> it appear "wishy-washy" - that's why I am asking for your input. That said,
> I don't wish to make it too long an email. Everyone knows what At-Large
> stands for.
> Also - we're not only aiming this letter at the GAC: the ICANN Board also
> has a say in this. Will the two tango in private or in public?
> As for this meeting requiring the exception - the exception would be for
> the meeting to be closed. The default, as interpreted from the Bylaws  is
> for the meeting to be open.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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