[ALAC] Urgent: proposed email to GAC/ Board Chairs

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Jan 13 19:18:12 UTC 2011

Hello Carlton,

thanks for your kind comments - my answers below.

Le 13/01/2011 15:36, SAMUELS,Carlton A a écrit :
> OCL:
> I'm presuming the back channel work to reach the GAC has failed,
> yes?   Assuming it is the case, then to my mind much of the preamble
> might not be necessary; I think distillation is the watchword here,
> especially if you go with "is made with agreement of the ALAC"; it a
> slightly different take on the ALAC statement.  Should be best advised
> to just **state** the issue of concern and say what the ALAC-supported
> posture is.
> If it is the case the back channel contact was successful but the
> conversation inconclusive, then  being 'solomonic' about it comes
> across as wishy-washy.  State the principle that ALAC supports,
> inclusive of the circumstance where the ALAC would support a variant
> action, acknowledge that this meeting **might** require the exception
> and reiterate a clear position on why the ALAC would find the
> exception acceptable.

The "back-channel" work to reach the GAC has not failed, but when
speaking to GAC members informally, one actually speaks to... individual
GAC members. If you wish to speak to the GAC as a whole, a more united
voice to the GAC Chair obviously gives more weight to our argument than
an informal channel.
This statement is structured in order for it to be directly cut/pasted
for comment to all GAC members. I very much welcome alternative text if
parts of it appear "wishy-washy" - that's why I am asking for your
input. That said, I don't wish to make it too long an email. Everyone
knows what At-Large stands for.
Also - we're not only aiming this letter at the GAC: the ICANN Board
also has a say in this. Will the two tango in private or in public?

As for this meeting requiring the exception - the exception would be for
the meeting to be closed. The default, as interpreted from the Bylaws 
is for the meeting to be open.

Kind regards,


Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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