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Heidi Ullrich Heidi.Ullrich at icann.org
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Hi Alan (and All), 

Just as a reminder, a wiki page has been set up to collect comments (see: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+JAS+WG+Final+Report+Workspace). 

Also, an announcement (in EN/FR/ES) calling for At-Large comments was sent to ALAC-Announce and the regional lists on Monday, 19 September (EN version copied below): 


Dear All, 

The JAS Working Group has now completed its final report which can be downloaded from the At-Large JAS WG Final Report Workspace available at: 

Comments from the At-Large community may be added through the comment function on this wiki page.

As the ALAC will be discussing the JAS WG Final Report during its meeting of 27 September 2011, please submit your comments prior to that date.

Comments will be accepted in English, French and Spanish.


At-Large Staff


Currently, no comments have been received from community members, apart from the communication between Carlton and Olivier that staff posted. 

Kind regards,

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For the discussion, it would be good to get 
comments in ahead of time. I presume that if 
necessary, there could be a very short BigPulse 
or e-mail outreach to those not at the meeting, 
but we really have no choice than to vote on 
sending the report to the Board (or not!) this coming week.


At 23/09/2011 12:45 PM, tijani.benjemaa at fmai.org wrote:
>Even if a lot of the members will be absent???
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>For your information. We will be discussing the JAS Final Report and voting
>on it on our ALAC monthly call on 27 September 2011.
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>Sujet:  JAS Final Report
>Date :  Thu, 22 Sep 2011 23:41:48 +0200
>De :    Stéphane Van Gelder <stephane.vangelder at indom.com>
>Pour :  Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>
>Copie à :       Council GNSO <council at gnso.icann.org>
>In my capacity as GNSO Council Chair, it is my pleasure to inform you, in
>your capacity as ALAC Chair, that the Council voted to approve the motion
>shown below during its meeting today.
>Stéphane Van Gelder
>GNSO Council Chair
>The GNSO Council and ALAC established the Joint SO/AC Working Group
>(JASWG) on support for new gTLD applicants in April of 2010; and
>The Joint SO/AC Working Group released its second Milestone Report, posted
>for consideration by the Board, Chartering Organizations and at-large
>Community. This report documented the completion of work as defined in the
>extended charter and,
>The Joint SO/AC Working Group received and discussed the public comments,
>The Joint SO/AC Working Group has completed the enumerated items as defined
>in its extended charter and has published a final report
>on 14 September 2011 covering those chartered items
>(http://gnso.icann.org/resolutions/#20110113-1) entitled Final Report of the
>Joint SO/AC new GTLD applicant support working group. and
>The Joint SO/AC Working Group is still in the process of completing some
>last tasks including completion of the formal documentation of the comment
>responses for the second milestone community review, and
>The GNSO council has not had a chance to review the Final Report nor digest
>any of its contents,
>However, the GNSO Council does not wish to delay implementation of support
>programs for applicants from developing regions,
>The GNSO Council thanks the members of the Joint SO/AC Working Group for its
>efforts and its dedication to completing these work items on such a tight
>schedule, and
>The GNSO Council approves forwarding the final Report to the ICANN Board for
>review and approval, but reserves its right to provide comments to the ICANN
>Board on all of the recommendations contained therein; and
>The GNSO Council request ICANN staff begin working on  develop an
>implementation plan following the JAS WG of therecommendations, subject to
>comments received from the GNSO community , and
>The GNSO Council requests that ICANN staff publish the implementation plan
>for public comment prior to consideration by the ICANN Board, and
>The GNSO Council requests that the Joint SO/AC Working Group complete the
>publication of its formal Milestone 2 response document as quickly as
>possible, and
>The GNSO Council requests that the Joint SO/AC Working Group remain on call
>to review the outcome of the ICANN implementation of the JAS
>Resolved further, that the GNSO Council instructs the GNSO Chair to
>communicate its decision to the ALAC Chair.
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>ALAC at atlarge-lists.icann.org
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