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Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Sep 13 20:46:40 UTC 2011

The following motion was just sent to the GNSO 
Council list by Tim Ruiz on behalf of the Registrar Stakeholder Group.

I will also forward the reply that I sent to the Council list.


>From: Tim Ruiz <tim at godaddy.com>
>To: GNSO Council <council at gnso.icann.org>
>Subject: [council] Motion from the RrSG
>Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 11:51:07 -0700
>The following motion (also attached as a doc file) is being made at the
>request of the RrSG. We feel the recommendations contained in it are
>requested and generally agreed as necessary by Law Enforcement Agencies
>(LEA), are supported by the GAC, and have not garnered any opposition
>from other SGs or Cs.
>WHEREAS, the Registrar Stakeholder Group has consulted extensively with
>representatives of international law enforcement agencies regarding the
>nature of Internet-based criminal activity and the information and tools
>available to help address crime that involves the domain name system;
>WHEREAS, the Registrar Stakeholder Group has reviewed law enforcement
>proposals and requests regarding registrar cooperation in addressing
>online crime; and
>WHEREAS, the GNSO Council is prepared to assist law enforcement in its
>long-term effort to address Internet-based criminal activity;
>NOW THEREFORE, the GNSO Council recommends to the ICANN Board of
>Directors that:
>1. ICANN-accredited registrars must provide to ICANN staff, and ICANN
>staff must keep on record, a valid physical address for the purpose of
>receiving legal service.  This record must include a valid street
>address, city, appropriate region, telephone number and fax number.
>Registrars must publish this information on their respective web sites,
>and must notify ICANN staff and update their published addresses within
>30 days of a change of address.
>2. ICANN-accredited registrars must provide to ICANN staff, and ICANN
>staff must keep on record, the names of each registrarâs respective
>corporate President, Vice President, and Secretary, or the appropriate
>equivalents of those positions.  These data may be made available upon
>request to a verified representative of a law enforcement agency, in a
>manner agreed to by ICANN staff, ICANN-accredited registrars, and
>representatives of law enforcement agencies.  Registrars will notify
>ICANN of any changes in this information within 30 days of a change.
>3. ICANN-accredited registrars must publish on their respective web
>sites e-mail and postal mail addresses to which law enforcement actions
>may be directed.  The e-mail address will use a uniform convention
>(example: lawenforcement at xxxxxxxxxxx) to facilitate ease of use by law
>enforcement agencies.  Registrars may, at their individual discretion,
>include language in this section of their web sites, directed to the
>general public, that makes clear the use and expected outcomes of these
>points of contact and identifies the appropriate points of contact for
>other forms of business.  Requests submitted by verified law enforcement
>agencies to this discrete point of contact must receive an
>acknowledgement of receipt from the registrar within 24 hours.
>4.      Law enforcement agencies provide, within six months of the date
>of approval of this policy by the ICANN Board and via the general advice
>of the GAC to the Board, their recommendations for a database and
>identification system that allows for expedient identification to a
>registrar of a law enforcement agency, and verification of the
>contacting party as a law enforcement agency upon that agency as first
>contact with a registrar.
>5. Implementation and execution of these recommendations be monitored by
>the GNSO.  Specifically:
>    a. ICANN staff will analyze and report to the GNSO at six-month
>intervals for one year following implementation, until such time as the
>GNSO resolves otherwise, with the intention of determining:
>       i. How effectively and to what extent the policies have been
>implemented and followed by Registrars, and
>       ii. Whether or not modifications to these policies should be
>considered by the GNSO as a result of experiences during the
>implementation and monitoring stages.
>    b. The purpose of these monitoring and reporting requirements are to
>allow the GNSO to determine when, if ever, these recommendations and any
>ensuing policy require additional amendment, clarification or attention
>based on the results of the reports prepared by ICANN staff.

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