Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Wed Jun 8 17:16:48 UTC 2011

Dear Marc,

thank you for your letter of resignation which I accept with deep regret.

I appreciate that the time demands which are placed on ALAC members are
high when wishing to be involved fully in ALAC processes, RALOs and
At-Large grassroots input to ICANN. It is something which we all have to
struggle with.

I also share your concerns regarding decisions by national governments
and other factors external to ICANN. However, our mission in ICANN is
limited to the by-laws under which we operate and this mission is quite
focussed. The responsibilities which were defined to avoid a scattering
of resources, are listed in Articles XI.4.a and XI.4.j and surpassing
those limits, although tempting, is not something which the ALAC should
do. The responsibility of the ALAC is to make the voice of Internet
users heard in ICANN - and this has to be done with the scarce resources
which we are afforded, both in funding and in volunteer time.

I have enjoyed working with you on the Internet Town Hall in San
Francisco and hope that you will remain in contact with the ICANN
At-Large community. I know that many members have appreciated meeting
you and will look forward to keeping in touch.

However, with your resignation, your participation in the ICANN
Singapore meeting cannot be justified and after consultation with the
Executive Committee, it was decided to enable another At-Large member to
travel to Singapore.

I trust that you will understand this, and wish you every success in the


Olivier Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

On 07/06/2011 21:36, Marc Rotenberg wrote :
> Dear Olivier,
> 	I am tendering my resignation from ALAC.
> 	Upon further consideration, I do not believe I have the
> considerable amount of time required to make a meaningful
> contribution to ALAC.
> 	I do believe that the Internet Town Hall, which we organized in
> conjunction with the recent meeting in San Francisco, provided the
> opportunity for a fresh perspective on Future Challenges facing
> users of the Internet. 
> 	I also believe that the decision of national governments to
> suspend access to the Internet poses a profound challenge to the
> freedom of Internet users that cannot be ignored.
> 	And I remain concerned about the technical and administrative
> obstacles that continue to consume so much of our valuable time and
> make it difficult for people to obtain even basic information about
> the work of ALAC.
> 	To be an effective representative of the individual Internet
> user, as the ALAC charter requires, the Committee should focus less
> on the organizational structure of ICANN and more on the needs and
> concerns of the Internet user. A clear vision can help transform an
> organization.
> 	Whether ALAC chooses to explore that possibility is now up to
> the Committee.
> 	I appreciated the opportunity to meet many fine individuals, and
> hope to see them again in the future. And I admire your dedication
> as Chair. I wish you the very best.
> 	I will attend the meeting in Singapore or not, based upon your
> preference.
> 						Sincerely,
> 						Marc Rotenberg

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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