[ALAC] Documents for transmission as COMMENTS of the ALAC to NTIA FNOI as discussed

Cheryl Langdon-Orr langdonorr at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 04:40:09 UTC 2011

Olivier  further to our discussion (my) last night following on from both
the ALAC Meeting and ExCom AI's earlier this week,  please find attached a
PDF set for attachment to an  email to Fiona at IANAFunctions at ntia.doc.gov with
your cover note ( I assume it should come from you as you sent the earlier
one to the original NOI)  which of course MUST be done before COB
(Washington US)  29th July....  so ASAP...

The edits  from EURALO proposed have been made as we discussed  and I note
are still not reflected  on the Wiki page (also no other comments were
received) which I have otherwise updated  etc.,  and attached  file copy of
transmission docs to etc., etc.,

PDF  attachment  to your email  should be both the Comments  Doc and the
At-Large V11 diagram referred to as 'attached' in the doc...  Note  I will
also send an open text doc to you and staff so that the (when ratified  as a
Statement via Vote ? next week??)  the usual completed formatted  file
documents with Staff Intro  etc., can be more easily prepared...

Cheryl  (CLO)
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