[ALAC] Fwd: [soac-discussion] Form a Focus Group to Provide Feedback on Proposed Public Comment Constructs

Jean-Jacques SUBRENAT jjs.global at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 20:57:20 UTC 2011

Dear Olivier,

I support the suggestion. Public comment, a distinctive feature of ICANN,
has become more complex over the years and requires streamlining. In the
process aimed at improving the representativity and efficiency of public
comment, ALAC / At-Large must seek to preserve -and where possible
enhance- the interests of the general Internet user. Best wishes to Dev


On 03/07/11 01:41, "Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond" <ocl at gih.com> wrote:

>Dear all,
>I am in receipt of the following message from Filiz Ilmaz regarding the
>formation of a Focus Group.
>Dev Anand Teelucksingh has already worked on these problematics in the
>past, thanks to his involvement in the At-Large Improvements WT.
>His knowledge and experience would be very helpful to the focus group
>and I therefore suggest that he be our representative for the ALAC.
>If I do not hear of any objections, I'll transmit Dev's name to Filiz
>Ilmaz in the middle of next week.
>Kind regards,
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>Dear Community Leaders,
>I communicated to you in Singapore that we would like to receive your
>support in forming a Focus Group to provide some initial feedback on two
>specific Public Comment implementation proposals relating to ATRT
>Recommendations 15, 16 and 17.
>This email is intended to provide additional details to help you in
>identifying individuals to participate in this activity.
>*Purpose*:  To help ICANN Staff assess the usability and viability of
>certain implementation constructs related to the Public Comment process
>as recommended by the ATRT.
>*Team Members*: We would prefer to keep the Focus Group relatively small
>and are therefore requesting one representative from of each ICANN SO,
>AC or SG.  
>*Methodology:*  Due to the challenges in scheduling telephone
>calls/meetings and considering the nature of the topics/questions, our
>plan is that the group will interact and collaborate via a dedicated
>space within ICANN's Confluence Wiki environment.  Details (e.g., links,
>login information) will be sent to the volunteers separately.  At this
>time, no meetings are planned.
>*Duration*:  We anticipate that the feedback period will last one month
>from 20 July through 19 August at which point the dedicated Wiki space
>will be closed.  
>*Content*: ICANN Staff will outline two current proposals to the Focus
>Group and collect initial feedback (via the Wiki).  The two specific
>topics that the Focus Group's will be asked to provide feedback are:
>Topic 1:  Stratification/Prioritization of Public Comments
>Topic 2. Comment/Reply Structure for Public Comments
>*Scope*: The Focus Group will be asked specific questions concerning the
>topics listed above and feedback/responses will be collected via the
>Wiki. The ATRT Recommendations have been reviewed by the ICANN Community
>and approved by the ICANN Board; therefore, the Focus Group will not be
>asked to validate the ATRT Recommendations themselves.
>*Outcomes*:  The Wiki collaboration and discussion threads will be used
>by Staff to inform its planning concerning the implementation topics
>listed above. Staff does not plan to issue any written reports or
>summaries of the Focus Group's deliberations; however, the Wiki may be
>opened for public read access once the work is completed.  Elements of
>the feedback may be incorporated into a formal Public Comment
>solicitation that will deal with these same topics circa September 2011.
>I hope you find the above information helpful in identifying and
>selecting candidates to help with this feedback process.
>We hope to hear back from you with one volunteer contact detail from
>your group latest by 13 July 2011, in order to start the activity as
>outlined above.
>Kind regards, 
>Filiz Yilmaz
>Sr Dir Participation and Engagement
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