[ALAC-LT] AC is down and skype doesn't seem to be working either

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Feb 27 09:21:21 UTC 2018

Thanks for relating your experience, Maureen.
I had a taste of the effort needed to participate in a conference call a
few years ago when I was in a country I shan't name and got dropped 32
times during a 1 hour call. 32 times. I counted it. I couldn't believe
it. By the end of the hour I was exhausted.
Kindest regards,


On 26/02/2018 21:06, Maureen Hilyard wrote:
> 1.35am.. have been trying for ages to reconnect to the internet and
> the ALT meeting but to no avail
> The Radisson guys have just come back to me to say that their wifi is
> down and they are getting their IT guys to look at it. Not much luck
> for me.
> But at the Yak and Yeti Hotel, where I was earlier in my visit, the
> power supply was constantly dropping, although it reconnected easily
> enough most times. But I haven't tried it during an AC call.
> I am now at the Radisson and I really thought this might be better,
> but apparently not.
> I can't connect to anything (skype, messenger, gmail.. who knows when
> this will get through)
> No wonder we don't get any ALS participation from our ALS colleagues
> in NEPAL who I might add, have been great support for us here at the
> Lianna and I would have had to walk for 25 minutes (in the dark) along
> pretty awful roads to get to the Radisson, and Bikram Strestha has
> provided us with transport. Taxis aren't very reliable and the traffic
> here is really bad. We wear masks on the streets because it is so
> dusty and polluted.
> But communication has been the pits.
> M
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