[ALAC-LT] A thought on new gTLD "rounds"

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Sep 14 02:23:21 UTC 2016

As I think you all know, in Helsinki and at a Ry/Rr meeting in 
Amsterdam the Baord was subjected to considerable pressure to not 
wait until 2020 or later to release further gTLDs. They have 
responded by asking the GNSO (and in turn the gTLD PDP) whether 
anything can be done to "speed things up".

The ALAC has consistently said we need to slow down not speed up, 
finish all of the reviews, and get it "right" for the next time, 
whether it is rounds or some other release mechanism.

As I was reading some of the discussion over the Board's request, a 
few thoughts came to me.

- There is little compelling (to me) to the release of more 
generic-type of industry-targeted TLDs.
- IDNs have a more compelling case, although I suspect that most of 
them are not cultural but business-driven.
- Geographic TLDs may end up being varyingly successful, but there 
seems to be a real demand.
- The argument for releasing .brand TLD is compelling - those without 
may be at a competitive disadvantage.
- Many of us campaigned for "categories" in the last round. We did 
not succeed, but we ended up with a few anyway (.brand being the most 
blatant, and community TLDs conspicuous in their absence. It seems 
pretty certain that the next round will have categories, but we are 
probably a long way from formally deciding that.

It dawns on me that IF we can decide definitively that we will have 
categories and what the prime ones are (certainly .brand will be 
among them), it might be possible to have a new limited round just 
for them. As far as I can recall, few of the problems that we 
encountered in the first round were associated with .brands and 
"fixing" the rules for this limited subset might be something that 
can be done quickly.

The same may well be true for geographic TLDs.

Where are the holes in this line of reasoning?


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