[ALAC-LT] ACTION ALT - Topics for discussion between the GAC and the ALAC during Dublin

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Sep 29 16:43:23 UTC 2015

Hello all,

On 29/09/2015 14:14, Holly Raiche wrote:
> Could we expand on the gTLD safeguards - there were two aspects that
> troubled both of us - PICS and compliance - lets list them both (even
> as a subset of gTLD safeguards) And maybe a third element - how to
> make sure that the next round of new gTLDs has far more registries
> from countries outside of the US and Europe?

Full support for both issues.

> Another thought - what about privacy protection.  The latest example
> is the Whois Implementation WG on Whois conflicts.  The issue is that
> - particularly for European countries - the registrars are simply not
> allowed to release personal information except in allowable
> circumstances, but under the policy, they cannot have a blanket waiver
> based on national laws (mind you - that is becoming accepted, but not yet)

I thought that this was a process that was coming up and was part of the
CCWG Accountability Work Stream 2. I note that it is the object of one
of our ATLAS II Recommendations, #14.

With the GAC's 4 topics:
·       IANA stewardship transition
·       ICANN accountability
·       New gTLD Safeguards
    ·       the new ICANN meeting structure

I would have thought that's already more than enough for an hour.

Kind regards,


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