[ALAC-LT] FYI - Wael Nasr - Proposal for Arabic Script Root Zone Label Generation Rules (LGR)

Ariel Liang ariel.liang at icann.org
Fri Sep 25 16:56:33 UTC 2015

(This is an FYI - Thank you for reading this email when you are busy
following the CCWG-Accountability meeting either in person or remotely!)

Dear All, 

With regard to the public comment on the Proposal for Arabic Script Root
Zone Label Generation Rules (LGR) <https://community.icann.org/x/bIJYAw> , I
approached both Mohamed El Bashir and Wael Nasr. Mohamed didn¹t get back to
me, as he is understandably occupied with the ICG. Wael did. He believes
that there are user-related issues that the ALAC should comment on and he
expressed his interests in drafting a Statement. Today I had a call with him
to understand his background and proposed position, and walked him through
the ALAC policy advice development process.

In fact, Wael is part of the team that created the LGR Proposal. In this
Statement, he would like to suggest a different approach for handling typos
in Arabic domain names and to recommend the creation of an Œautocorrect
algorithm¹ to interface between typos and correct languages to avoid user
confusion. His suggested approach is different from that in the Proposal. He
will refine his position and send me his preliminary draft some time next

I have also informed him that the ALAC advice development process is
bottom-up, consensus based. If he wishes to submit this Statement on behalf
of the ALAC, it most likely needs the support from our Arabic speaking
ALSes. With your consent, I can share his preliminary draft with the
representatives of those ALSes to get a sense before sharing it with the
ALAC and the wider community.

I also sent a message to connect him with Satish Babu and invited Satish to
review his preliminary draft and provide guidance.

Best Regards,

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