[ALAC-LT] ACTION - Upcoming Public Comment Proceedings

Ariel Liang ariel.liang at icann.org
Thu Jul 16 02:26:09 UTC 2015

Thank you for the input Holly!


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Hi Ariel

I don't know much about a lot of these policy issues (but can guess on a
lot) so I haven't responded on many before I see the terms of reference.  So
this is very much a preliminary response


On Wed 15/07/15 7:57 AM , Ariel Liang ariel.liang at icann.org sent:
> Dear ALT and Liaisons,
> As per today¹s ALT teleconference, please be so kind to provide your personal
> input on the upcoming public comment proceedings via the spreadsheet attached.
> In the spreadsheet, please answer two questions for each public comment:
> 1. Should the ALAC Comment? (Y/N)
> 2. If Y, Potential Penholder(s)
> We understand that there is limited information with regard to the upcoming
> public comments, hence you may provide you answers based on your knowledge of,
> experience in, and prior ALAC advice on those policy issues. You are also not
> required to provide answers to every public comment proceeding in the list.
> Please be so kind to return this spreadsheet to me by Friday 24 July 2015
> 23:59 UTC. Thank you for your time.
> Best Regards,
> Ariel 

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