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You are not wrong Alan,


The deadlines are not yet known, but if we refer to last year, the
applications were accepted from 6 January till 7 March; Singapore (8-12
February) would be in the middle of the application period. So, I believe
that we should start earlier discussing the guidelines and the coordination
process so that each RALO try to comply with the established guidelines
while applying. 




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Thanks Holly.


I don't know the exact timing, but I suspect that Singapore would be 

too late for that. It is possible that the FBSC might meet in 

Singapore to review requests though. But I could be wrong...




At 09/11/2014 05:42 PM, Holly Raiche wrote:

>Hi Alan


>This makes very good sense to me.  And a suggestion - maybe this can 

>also be an agenda item for discussion at the RALO meetings in 

>Singapore as well? (i.e., coordination of requests for funding)



>On 9 Nov 2014, at 2:48 pm, Alan Greenberg <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca> wrote:


> > As you know, our track record on special budget requests for this 

> current budget year was rather poor. To be more specific, we had 

> one project approved, an IGF workshop. The MAG did not approve it, 

> and accordingly we received nothing. (We have benefited from CROPP 

> which was a funded project, but not due to any explicit request we made.)

> >

> > To turn that around, I think that we will have to make a number of

> >

> > - For composition of the FBSC, I am thinking of suggesting the

> >   - two members per region, one from the ALAC and one a RALO leader

> >   - the RALO leader (either the Chair, a Vice-chair  or 

> Secretariat would be the person in the RALO responsible for 

> overseeing (and filtering) RALO request.

> >

> > - The FBSC will make choices to ensure that what we are 

> submitting is high quality and more likely to get accepted.

> >

> > - We will set some guidelines for RALO and overall ALAC requests 

> to try to ensure that the quality is there.

> >

> > - Although past success is not an assured guideline - we will 

> carefully review what kinds of projects are being funded 


> and 


> >

> > - In the past, we have largely depended on RALO requests. I think 

> that we may want to partially shift gears and also look at ALAC

> >   - One of these may be a request to expand the work-week, most 

> likely the Saturday before the week, but this will take a lot more

> >

> > Based on his past experience, I have requested that Tijani stay 

> on the FBSC and play a lead roll. I will chair the SC and 

> preferably not also represent NARALO.

> >

> > May I quickly have thoughts on this. I would like to put this 

> proposal, or some evolution of it, on the agenda of the forthcoming 

> ALAC meeting for further discussion and perhaps approval.

> >

> > Alan

> >

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