[ALAC-LT] Finance and Budget Subcommitee (FBSC)

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun Nov 9 03:48:59 UTC 2014

As you know, our track record on special budget requests for this 
current budget year was rather poor. To be more specific, we had one 
project approved, an IGF workshop. The MAG did not approve it, and 
accordingly we received nothing. (We have benefited from CROPP which 
was a funded project, but not due to any explicit request we made.)

To turn that around, I think that we will have to make a number of changes.

- For composition of the FBSC, I am thinking of suggesting the following:
    - two members per region, one from the ALAC and one a RALO leader
    - the RALO leader (either the Chair, a Vice-chair  or Secretariat 
would be the person in the RALO responsible for overseeing (and 
filtering) RALO request.

- The FBSC will make choices to ensure that what we are submitting is 
high quality and more likely to get accepted.

- We will set some guidelines for RALO and overall ALAC requests to 
try to ensure that the quality is there.

- Although past success is not an assured guideline - we will 
carefully review what kinds of projects are being funded 

- In the past, we have largely depended on RALO requests. I think 
that we may want to partially shift gears and also look at ALAC initiatives.
    - One of these may be a request to expand the work-week, most 
likely the Saturday before the week, but this will take a lot more discussion.

Based on his past experience, I have requested that Tijani stay on 
the FBSC and play a lead roll. I will chair the SC and preferably not 
also represent NARALO.

May I quickly have thoughts on this. I would like to put this 
proposal, or some evolution of it, on the agenda of the forthcoming 
ALAC meeting for further discussion and perhaps approval.


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