[ALAC-LT] Fwd: Nominations Open for Civil Society Reps to 1Net Steering Committee: Mon. 9 Dec. deadline to nominate a civil society

Holly Raiche h.raiche at internode.on.net
Wed Dec 4 22:47:45 UTC 2013

This goes dead against what our joint meeting with NCSG agreed. There should be a reminder to Robin that this is not the outcome of the meeting she attended and agreed to - and maybe a letter to Fadi to ask what happened to ALAC

On 05/12/2013, at 9:40 AM, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> Does At-Large have any role in this?
> As one of Fadi's early (and pre-Bali his ONLY) community supporters, it
> would send a poor message to At-Large if our support was answered by being
> shut out of the subsequent initiative.
> - Evan
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> From: Robin Gross <robin at ipjustice.org>
> Date: 4 December 2013 15:49
> Subject: Nominations Open for Civil Society Reps to 1Net Steering
> Committee: Mon. 9 Dec. deadline to nominate a civil society
> To: NCSG-DISCUSS at listserv.syr.edu
> Friends,
> We've been told by Adiel that each of the following stakeholders will
> receive 5 spots on the 1Net Steering Committee: business, civil society,
> academia, technical.  Therefore the coalition of civil society networks
> (NCSG, APC, Diplo, IGC, Best Bits) is working to nominate 5 representatives
> for civil society to the 1Net Steering Committee.  We are using the same
> committee and process that we used to nominate the 2 civil society
> representatives to the High Level Panel on IG last week.
> Therefore, we are now accepting nominations for civil society
> representatives to the 1Net Steering Committee until Monday 9 December
> 23:59 UTC.  You can nominate someone else or yourself by posting the
> nomination to this list before then.  Before you nominate another please be
> sure that your nominee has already agreed to serve on the 1Net Steering
> Committee if she/he is selected by the larger coalition as one of the five
> civil society representatives.
> Also bear in mind that we will be similarly impaneling the civil society
> representatives to the Brazil meeting organizing committees in the coming
> weeks also, but the 1Net Steering Committee's establishment has a tighter
> deadline so we are dealing with it first.
> Of course it would helpful to know just what 1Net has been set up to do and
> what is the scope of its work before agreeing to serve on its steering
> committee, but those things haven't been set yet - its largely a chicken
> and egg paradox.   Therefore, those people who are most interested in
> shaping the form and direction of 1Net should consider serving on its
> initial steering committee.
> Thank you!
> Robin
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