[ALAC-ExCom] Scott Pinzon meeting w/ ALAC: Outreach re new gTLDs

Seth Greene Seth.Greene at icann.org
Sun Jun 19 05:01:25 UTC 2011

Hello, ExCom,

Scott Pinzon (of ICANN Communications, of course) will be discussing with the ALAC today, among other topics, ideas regarding the potential outreach role that At-Large can play related to the new gTLD program.  He is certainly aware that At-Large's interest is in educating end users -- not in marketing the new gTLDs.  ICANN Communications has envisioned this role kicking in farther down the timeline, but Scott is interested in a discussion about an At-Large role earlier in the process.

He is wondering if, in addition to this discussion with the ALAC, it would be useful to have a more in-depth, smaller discussion with the ExCom at some time afterward.

Of course, there's time to decide this after Scott's meeting with the ALAC.



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