[ALAC-ExCom] Action Item follow-up

Rafik Dammak rafik.dammak at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 03:34:28 UTC 2011

Dear Karla,

Thank you , I will wait for the document. I am already here in Singapore.



2011/6/17 Karla Valente <karla.valente at icann.org>

> Dear Olivier,
> I just got to Singapore. I am now connected and got the transcript today. I
> will work on the report, send it to Rafik and Carlton for review.
> Carlton, Rafik: I will send you the report asap.
> Safe travels to all.
> Kind regards,
> Karla Valente
> Director, gTLD Registry Programs
> Mobile:  +1 310 936 4639
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> From: Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond [mailto:ocl at gih.com]
> Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 4:44 AM
> To: Rafik Dammak; Carlton Samuels; Karla Valente
> Subject: Action Item follow-up
> Hello all,
> one of the action items from the  last JAS call was the compiling of the
> set of questions asked from the Board members during the call, and which
> were not answered by Board members. The JAS WG Chairs & Karla would be
> working together on that.
> This set of questions would be transmitted to the attending Board members,
> to consult with their colleagues prior to their meetings with the GNSO, the
> ALAC, and the JAS working group session, so as to make those sessions more
> productive.
> In my capacity as Chair of one of the chartering organisations, I am
> willing to act as a vector for such questions to be transmitted to the Board
> members who attended the call.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier

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