Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Wed Jun 15 05:14:45 UTC 2011

Dear Stéphane,

thank you very much for your kind message. Please be so kind to thank
the GNSO Council on their drafting and approval of the motion. This
opens the way for the community to review the working group's Second
Milestone Report and is a step in the right direction for support
programs to be implemented for suitable applicants. We anticipate the
GNSO Council's continued support and endorsement of the Second Milestone
Report's goals in sync with ALAC's approval.

The ALAC has been a strong supporter of this working group since its
inception and we believe that it is core to ICANN's mission to allow for
applicants from all regions of the world to apply for new gTLDs. Support
programs will strengthen ICANN's legitimacy worldwide as a fair,
multi-stakeholder, bottom-up organisation coordinating the Internet's
identifiers. I  look forward to our combined renewed efforts to bring
the Applicant Support program to a successful outcome.

Warmest regards,

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

On 14/06/2011 12:57, Stéphane Van Gelder wrote :
> Olivier,
> At its June 9 2011 meeting, the GNSO Council voted unanimously to
> approve a motion made by Rafik Dammak and seconded by Andrei
> Kolesnikov and pertaining to the JAS Milestone Report.
> As instructed by the Council, and in my capacity as Chair, I am
> communicating the Council's decision to you in your capacity as ALAC
> Chair. The GNSO Council is happy to answer any questions you may have.
> Please follow this link for a copy of the motion that was considered
> (motion
> 2): https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocouncilmeetings/Motions+9+June+2011 and
> this link to read the notification sent by the GNSO secretariat of the
> motions passed at our June 9 meeting
> : http://gnso.icann.org/mailing-lists/archives/council/msg11536.html
> Best,
> Stéphane

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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