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Thank you very much Seth for your help.


It’s wonderful. I do hope that the other RALOs will submit their comments




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Objet : Comments on FY12 Draft Op Plan and Budget


Hello, Tijani,


I just want to consolidate for you the wiki pages being offered for input
into the ALAC Statement on FY Op Plan and Budget:


       -  Main wiki:  ALAC
erating+Plan+and+Budget>  Statement on Draft FY12 Operating Plan and Budget
(contains below links, as well)


      -  AFRALO
rating+Plan+and+Budget>  comments on Draft FY12 Budget

      -  APRALO
rating+Plan+and+Budget>  comments on Draft FY12 Budget

      -  EURALO
rating+Plan+and+Budget>  comments on Draft FY12 Budget

      -  LACRALO
perating+Plan+and+Budget>  comments on Draft FY12 Budget

      -  NARALO
rating+Plan+and+Budget>  comments on Draft FY12 Budget


RALOs, etc. have been asked to have their comments submitted during the week
of 6th June, which will hopefully allow you a comfortable period for
completion of the ALAC statement.


Please let me know if you need anything else.


Many thanks,




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Hello Tijani,

On 05/06/2011 08:07,  <mailto:tijani.benjemaa at fmai.org>
tijani.benjemaa at fmai.org wrote :
> Besides, I do think that the RALOs should react to the funding of their
> projects applied for through the additional service requests. It will be
> addressed globally in the ALAC statement on the FY12 Op Plan and Budget,
> the specific details for each RALO should be done by the RALOs themselves.
> AFRALO will do so.

A call has gone out to the F & B sub-committee. I'll forward it to the
secretariats too.
May I suggest that the RALOs summarise and that you append the RALO
specific details to your global statement?
Kind regards,


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