[ALAC-ExCom] Recommendations from the ALAC to the Joint Applicant Support (JAS) Working Group Chairs

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Fri Apr 29 08:40:12 UTC 2011

Dear JASWG Co-Chairs,


As one of the two chartering AC/SOs of the JASWG, the ALAC would like to
offer certain recommendations for your consideration, in order to boost
the WG's efforts efficiently forward at this point.  It is the ALAC's
hope that these recommendations will be taken in the spirit in which
they are intended -- as guidance rooted in the shared goal of having the
JASWG fulfil its mandate within the agreed timetable. 


The ALAC recommends that the JASWG -- starting with its conference call
on Friday, 29 April -- thoroughly review the "JASIssues and
Recommendations" summary document (located at
created by the JAS Drafting Team.   This document, once complete, will
define and summarize the JAS WG's consensus on a select number of
important high-level issues, particularly: 

      Part 3: the required criteria of applicants qualifying for support
      (i.e. who can qualify), bringing the element of formulation of
      these criteria from Part 5 into this part; and
      To a lesser extent, Part 4: what these applicants can expect to get.

These issues are covered by the parts on which the ALAC recommends the
WG most strongly focus. As per the WG's Charter, substantive outcome is
sought particularly in these issues.


The goal of this review would be to facilitate the JASWG's discussion --
and resolution -- of those aspects of this document that are still
incomplete or for which there is still no clear WG consensus. 
Please note that many of these unresolved issues are currently marked in
red within the document.  We believe that the needed agreement on this
small number of high-level issues can be reached /without/ the WG's also
having to agree, at this time, on the many underlying details it has
been discussing. 


Specifically, the ALAC recommends that the JASWG go about the review of
this document -- and reaching agreement on the issues it covers -- in
the following way:


    * This document review could be efficiently moderated by the JASWG
      pen holder, Evan Leibovitch.
    * The document should be displayed in the meeting's Adobe Connect
      Room so that all members are, quite literally, on the same page.
    * The changes on which the JASWG agrees should be made to the
      document during the discussion itself -- that is, "in real time"
      during the WG's meeting. 

It is the ALAC's hope that the JAS WG, by focusing its work in this way
immediately (as of its 29 April meeting), will be able to successfully
reach a consensus on a number of fundamental issues in the few meetings
it still has before the 6 May deadline for reporting on the time
critical key issues and its charters from GNSO and ALAC to be completed.


I and other members of the ALAC Executive Committee would welcome the
opportunity to discuss these suggestions with you further.


Kind regards,

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

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