[ALAC-ExCom] Correction - Important - DOODLE / FY12 Budget Call

ICANN At-Large Staff staff at atlarge.icann.org
Thu Apr 28 23:12:22 UTC 2011

Please note this Doodle poll will close on Friday 29 APRIL 2011 at 23:59 UTC

 Dear All,
Akram Atallah, ICANN COO, and Juan Ojeda, ICANN Controller, invite you to participate in a teleconference to discuss the FY12 budget additional requests from At-Large. They will also provide an overall update on the major focus areas for the FY12 draft plan and budget.
For more information, please see the Proposed Framework for the Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) Operating Plan and Budget<http://icann.org/en/planning/ops-budget-framework-fy2012-en.pdf> [PDF, 1.07 MB] and the FY12 Summary of SO/AC/SG Additional Requests<http://icann.org/en/financials/so-ac-sg-requests-summary-fy12-en.pdf> [PDF, 41 KB].
Please complete the attached Doodle poll to find a suitable time next week. We unfortunately have limited availability.

green = have time
yellow = could make time if absolutely necessary
red = do not have time

This Doodle poll will close on Friday 29 April 2011 at 23:59 UTC. The date and time will be announced shortly thereafter.

This call will be held in English.

Heidi Ullrich, Seth Greene, Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Gruber-White, Marilyn Vernon
ICANN At-Large Staff

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