[ALAC-ExCom] Joint Applicant Support (JAS) Working Group matters

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Fri Apr 15 12:37:29 UTC 2011

To: Peter Dengate Thrush
CC: Board Secretary
CC: Stéphane Van Gelder
CC: ICANN At-Large Staff
CC: Karla Valente
CC: JAS Working Group Co-Chairs - Rafik Dammak (GNSO) and Carlton
Samuels (ALAC)

Dear Peter,

In the recent ALAC Executive Committee conference call of 14 April 2011,
the possibility was discussed that the Board might have enquired about
the progress of the Joint SO/AC Work Group on New gTLD Applicant Support
(JAS WG) via an ICANN staff member supporting the Work Group.

As you know, due process dictates that Board enquiries regarding this WG
are supposed to go to the Chairs of the Work Group's chartering SO and
AC.  However, neither I, as the ALAC Chair, nor Stéphane Van Gelder, the
GNSO Council Chair, have received any such queries from the Board. The
request was passed unconventionally onto the JAS WG, and has ultimately
distracted much of the WG's valuable time away from its core task during
the past week.

In order to avoid the communication process becoming a contentious
matter, I kindly urge you to request the CEO/Senior Staff of ICANN to
ensure that such queries respect the customary procedure of sending any
Board enquiries regarding WG's (and particularly Cross Community WG's)
via the Chair/Leadership designated with the authority to be primary
point of communication with any such WG (in this case the ALAC and the
GNSO Council Chairs).

In the meantime, let me assure you that the JAS WG's work is challenging
but enjoying significant progress, and the WG is on track to complete
its mandate successfully. I should be grateful if you could confirm a
time-line when you would need its final report to reach you.

Kind regards,
Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

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