[ALAC-ExCom] [ALAC] Proposal for At-Large work on future challenges (used to be ALAC work on...)

Jean-Jacques SUBRENAT jjs.global at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 23:58:47 UTC 2011

Dear Vanda,

you just pointed out to me that, early on, you had volunteered for this Task
Force. This seems to have been overlooked, so I ask you to accept my sincere

Dear Olivier,
Dear Executive Committee,

please consider that the complete list I sent you on the 8th of April (copy
below) includes the name of Vanda Scartezini.


From:  Jean-Jacques SUBRENAT <jjs.global at gmail.com>
Date:  Fri, 08 Apr 2011 06:42:55 +0800
To:  Olivier CREPIN-LEBLOND <ocl at gih.com>,
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Subject:  Re: [ALAC] Proposal for At-Large work on future challenges (used
to be ALAC work on...)

Dear Olivier,
Dear Executive Committee,

taking into account the orientation you gave on the membership of the Task
Force, I've changed the title of this message from "ALAC work on future
challenges" to "At-Large work on future challenges".

The deadline for receiving statements of interest was extended to Thursday 7
April 2011, 23:00 UTC. That deadline has arrived. I now seek guidance from
you on the desirable number of members and, if that number is smaller than
the number of candidates, I request that you establish the list of members.
As agreed in San Francisco, the members will then elect two Co-Chairs. Here
is the list of candidates (alphabetical order, family name):
* Tijani Ben Jemma
* Sandra Hoferichter
* Dave Kissoondoyal
* Evan Leibovitch (also candidate for Co-Chair)
* Mark Rotenberg (also candidate for Co-Chair)
* Sergio Salinas Porto
* Jean-Jacques Subrenat (also candidate for Co-Chair)
* Darlene Thompson
* Danny Younger
The name, purpose, work programme, charter, and other aspects of the Task
Force were discussed through an exchange of e-mails or other communications.
Having been the facilitator thus far, and based on comments received, I have
the pleasure to propose the following:
* Name: At-Large Task Force (provided there is currently no other working
group in At-Large already using this designation); if an acronym is
required, ALTF is suggested
* Purpose: the overall purpose is to uphold the global public interest in
Internet matters
* Work programme: to recommend ways in which At-Large can best serve its
overall purpose, while enhancing its impact on and contribution to ICANN,
including through collaboration with other parts of the ICANN community
* Charter: Staff is requested to examine the work done on charters by the
Board Governance Committee, and to propose one which could serve as a model
for this Task Force. In addition, the Charter should include a brief mission
statement, as well as an understanding of the global public interest, e.g.
as defined by the Internet Rights & Principles Coalition,
http://www.irpcharter.org/images/IRPflyer.pdf .
* Meetings: once the list of members has been communicated by the Chair of
ALAC, the first meeting will allow members to elect 2 Co-Chairs, determine
the agenda for that meeting, and discuss its programme for the coming
months. It is suggested that regular meetings be held monthly, and
extraordinary meetings when necessary
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


From:  Jean-Jacques SUBRENAT <jjs.global at gmail.com>
Date:  Fri, 01 Apr 2011 15:45:52 +0800
To:  "alac-bounces at atlarge-lists.icann.org"
<alac-bounces at atlarge-lists.icann.org>, ICANN At-Large Staff
<staff at atlarge.icann.org>
Subject:  Re: [ALAC] Proposal for ALAC work on future challenges (updated 1
April 2011).

Dear All,

you are kindly requested to take note of the updates, and respond to the
highlighted points below.

Since the previous update (30 March 2011),
* guidance was received from the ALAC Chair and ExCom, indicating that
membership in this TF shall be open to At-Large;
* more colleagues have expressed interest in joining, bringing the list of
candidates to 8.

Colleagues having expressed interest:
-       Tijani Ben Jemma, TBJ

-       Sandra Hoferichter, SH

-       Dave Kissoondoyal, DK

-       Evan Leibovitch, EL (also candidate for Co-Chair)

-       Mark Rotenberg, MR (also candidate for Co-Chair)

-       Sergio Salinas Porto, SSP

-       Jean-Jacques Subrenat, JJS (also candidate for Co-Chair)

-       Darlene Thompson, DT

As membership in this Task Force is open to At-Large, the deadline is
extended to Thursday 7 April 2011, 23:00 UTC, for expressions of interest to
be posted on this list.
Reminder: when closed, this list will be submitted to the ALAC. The
designated members will then elect two Co-Chairs.

There are three potential pitfalls in choosing such a name:

* suggesting too broad a scope ("Future of the Internet", "Future of
* establishing too narrow a remit ("Consumer Protection"),
* alluding to a mission which is already taken care of by another entity
(e.g. by the IGF).
Many interesting suggestions were received. They fall into 2 categories:
A) Upholding the global public interest
- At-Large Outlook Mission, ALOM (DK suggested ALACOM when we were working
on an ALAC name)
- At-Large Task Force on Future Challenges, TF-F (EL, JJS)
- Public Interest Task Force, PITF (MR)
- a number of notions such as Consumer Protection (MR), Internet Governance
(DK), End-users' Rights (EL), Transparency (MR)
B) Enhancing the role of At-Large
- At-Large Further Development, ALFD (SH), covering several notions such as
wider input from and outreach At-Large, cross-constituency cooperation (TBJ,
- At-Large input into ICANN policy development (SH)
 As no single designation has emerged as a natural winner, please choose one
of the first three listed above (A). The chosen name will indicate the
general orientation or purpose of our work. The Work Plan is meant to
identify not more than 5 topics (such as Enhancing the role of At-Large),
which would implement that general orientation or serve that purpose.
Staff is kindly requested to find, among the models studied by the BGC, one
suitable for this Task Force.
It was also pointed out (MR) that the Task Force might need a Mission
Statement, quoting the relevant section of the ICANN Bylaws, Art. XI,
section 9(4), "The role of the At-Large Advisory Committee ("ALAC") shall be
to consider and provide advice on the activities of ICANN, insofar as they
relate to the interests of individual Internet users.²
It was further suggested (MR) that such a Mission Statement include
"Internet Rights & Principles", as set forth by the Internet Rights &
Principles Coalition,

-       The global public interest, including definition, overlap or
separation of roles between various parts of the ICANN community, desired
contribution from At-Large structures, action and possible impact by the
ALAC on ICANN policy and orientations (JJS)

-       Key areas of possible ALAC action to uphold the global public
interest (JJS)

-       Beyond the ALAC Review recommendations: how to increase the impact
of At-Large within ICANN, inter alia policy formation, working with other
components of ICANN, a communications policy for At-Large (JJS)

-       Transparency (MR)

-       Consumer protection (MR), Consumer interests (EL)

-       Improving outreach to and input from At-Large structures (TBJ, SH,

-       At-Large further development (SH, JJS)

-       Working with other components of ICANN to maximize impact (SH, JJS)

-       Internet governance (DK)

-       End-users' Charter of Rights (EL)

You are requested to choose not more than five of the above, in your order
of preference (from 1 crucial, to 5 less important).

Your comments are most welcome.


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