[ALAC-ExCom] Loose ends to tie up

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Thu Apr 7 19:10:48 UTC 2011

+1 to Tijani's comments about the new Chair's ability to follow in the
footsteps of the previous chair's ability to go without sleep.

My own comments on Olivier's list:
1) About AGAT*

The GAC Scorecard and associated responses have made the future utility of
AGAT unclear. I have no idea what either the Board, staff or GAC are going
to do about the dialogue and about our comments.  The stated plan is that
staff is *now* acting upon everything with the goal of producing a Final
Applicant Guidebook to be approved in Singapore. If that plan is indeed to
be followed the AGAT will be wasting its time because nobody will want to
read what it produces.

If the GAC and ALAC pleas for caution are heard, and at least some of the
application process is deferred past Singapore, there will be a very
important role for the AGAT.

Will the Board or GAC comment on our Scorecard response, let alone change
their own approaches because of it? How will this affect the stated goal of
the Board to have a gTLD party in Singapore? We've done what has been asked
of us, and are ready (with AGAT) to roll into action to provide detailed
response to issues that may be approved in principle. But without the
approval in principle of our proposed changes, AGAT is wasting its time.

In the NARALO list Richard Tindal is constantly asking for details --
"asking for caregories is easy -- figuring out how has been beyond anyone's
ability". With the AGAT we are prepared to answer that kind of complaint ...
IF we are given a reasonable opportunity.

In my view AGAT is suspended for now pending future decisions about the gTLD
process. If there is indeed a Final, unchangeable AG in a few weeks from now
I will suggest disbanding AGAT since its work would be superfluous. I would
not ask volunteers to put in effort that the know in advance will be
ignored. If the GAC and/or Board can't agree with us on principle, creating
the details seems pointless.

*2) Things to add*

   - Keeping the GAC / ALAC relationship active (setting up a meeting in
   Singapore, creating a small task team to maintain contact between meetings,

   - Creation of a strategy to build end user trust and confidence This is a
   broad goal that affects many things about ALAC
      - Its relationship with the GNSO consumer constituency
      - A registrant rights charter
      - Transparency and accountability of ICANN
      - A strong position on WHOIS accountability

   - Keeping the pressure on about outreach

   - Meeting the challenge to ensure that more issues are pushed to the
   edges, to use your term, for meaningful input

*3) Things to delete*

The Knowledge database thing. That's important, but it really should be
driven by staff with our guidance and not by us. That's mechanics -- a good
system should outlast our terms here.

- Evan

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