[ALAC-ExCom] Extend Comment Period on Draft ALAC Position Description?

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Aug 20 10:01:46 CDT 2009

My recollection (and I have not listened to the MP3) was that we 
decided to start a 30 day clock starting when Nick formally announced 
the English version. That was not my (impatient) preference, but I 
thought that this was what was decided. Which would mean the period 
ends for all on Sept 11.


At 20/08/2009 06:38 AM, Matthias Langenegger wrote:
>Dear ExCom,
>Contrary to what was said during our phone call on Tuesday, the 
>French and Spanish versions of the Draft ALAC PD have not yet been 
>published for comment. We just received the translations yesterday. 
>Sorry about the confusion.
>According to the announcement sent out on 11th August, English 
>speakers have two weeks to comment on the Draft ALAC PD (ending on 
>25th August). To ensure that French and Spanish speakers will have 
>as much time as the English speakers, we suggest that we extend the 
>deadline for the French and Spanish versions for two week starting 
>today and closing on 3rd September, which would still be more than a 
>week before the end of the nomination periods:
>Nomination for ALAC Representatives are accepted until 12th September.
>Nominations for the position of Board Liaison are accepted until 
>15th September.
>Nominations for other liaison positions are accepted until 9th October.
>Please let us know if you agree with this proposal.
>Kind Regards,
>  --
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