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Wed Feb 10 09:03:23 UTC 2016

On behalf of Adam Peake:

Hi everyone,

The civil society engagement plan proposed creating two documents; a catalogue of existing civil society content and a list of events of interest to civil society.  Draft versions of these documents are attached, and will be discussed on the civil society engagement working call to be held Friday 12 February, 14:00 and 15:00 UTC. The call agenda is also copied below.

The first document is a catalogue of existing civil society content.  This provides links to materials newcomers to ICANN may find interesting and useful.  The many statements and comments written in response to PDPs and similar have not been included.  Instead, the list is a mix of "how-to" type documents, including webinars, as well as papers and commentary, courses and learning materials, some videos. The materials are presented by stakeholder/constituency.

Points for discussion include, is the list comprehensive?  Any suggestions as to style?

Second, a draft list of events relevant to broad civil society.  The list is to end of June 2016, and is presented chronologically.  In the future we will use a shared calendar, but until the groups agree on a common format, to start a chronological list is accessible.

The list might be presented as a table, with columns to inform whether ICANN (volunteer and or staff) will be present, and a link to any report or other materials ICANN/ICANN community prepares after the event.  We should further identify regional events that can be included in the regional newsletters.

Thank you,


Adam Peake


1.  Core contact group, suggested tasks from strategy approach:

  * discussion of the role and working methods of the core contact group (regular calls, meeting in Marrakech)
  * input to regional newsletters (news and events updates)

2.  Review of civil society content catalogue (recommend additions or updates)

3.  Review of events for the shared calendar (recommend and review possible events for participation)

4.  Update on overall progress, plans for Marrakech

5.  AoB

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