[ALAC-Announce] ICANN Newsletter -- 25 September 2015

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Tue Sep 29 05:16:35 UTC 2015

ICANN Weekly Newsletter

News from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

http://www.icann.org/Week ending 25 September 2015

Announcements This Week

Request for Proposal: Study about the DNS Marketplace in Latin America and the Caribbean<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-4-2015-09-25-en>
25 September 2015

Final Report from the Expert Working Group on Internationalized Registration Data (WHOIS)<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-3-2015-09-25-en>
25 September 2015

ICANN 2015 Nominating Committee Announces Selections<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2015-09-25-en>
25 September 2015

ICANN Releases Phase One Registrant Survey on the Domain Name Landscape<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-09-25-en>
25 September 2015

Transfer Policy Implementation Update<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2015-09-24-en>
24 September 2015

Asunción's National University and ICANN Work Together to Enhance Latin American Internet Infrastructure<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-09-24-en>
24 September 2015

Draft of New gTLD Program Implementation Review Available for Public Comment<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2015-09-23-en>
23 September 2015

ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Report - Register for the FY16 Q1 call on 6 October 2015<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-09-23-en>
23 September 2015

WHOIS Accuracy Reporting System (ARS) Criteria Updated to Include Operability Testing Criteria<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-09-22-en>
22 September 2015

Webinar on New gTLD Auction Proceeds Discussion Paper on Wednesday 7 October at 13.00 UTC<https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-09-21-en>
21 September 2015

Upcoming Events

[Dublin Logo]18-22 October 2015: 54th International Public ICANN Meeting - Dublin<https://meetings.icann.org/en>


ICANN Bylaws<http://www.icann.org/en/general/bylaws.htm>

Our bylaws are very important to us. They capture our mission of security, stability and accessibility, and compel the organization to be open and transparent. Learn more at www.ICANN.org<http://www.icann.org/>.

Strategic Plan, 2016 - 2020<http://www.icann.org/en/planning/>

ICANN FY16 Operating Plan and Budget<http://www.icann.org/en/financials/opplan.htm>

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