[ALAC-Announce] Final CSTD Text for Information

Heidi Ullrich Heidi.Ullrich at icann.org
Mon Dec 20 06:07:44 UTC 2010

Dear All,

Please find below a copy of the final text adopted on Friday by the Commission on Science and Technology for Development  (CSTD), and provided by Baher Esmat, Manager, Regional Relations for the Middle East.

It is the view of the ALAC ExCom that becoming directly involved with the CSTD process constitutes mission creep. Indeed, some RALO bylaws specifically prohibit such involvement beyond the confines of ICANN. The statement below is therefore provided to our ALSes for informational purposes only, as an aid to understand the overall environment that ICANN is evolving in.

As the text does not explain procedures used to choose CSTD invitees, we encourage the ALSes directly involved with that process to continue their work and look forward to continue receiving high-level updates on their valuable work.

Final Text:

The Chair of the CSTD establishes a Working Group of 15 member states plus the five member states which hosted the IGF meetings plus the two member states which hosted WSIS. This Working Group will seek, compile, and review inputs from all member states and all other stakeholders on improvement of the Internet Governance Forum in an open and inclusive manner throughout the process

The Chair invites the following stakeholders to interactively participate in the Working Group, bearing in mind the the established rules of procedure of the ECOSOC, who will remain fully engaged throughout the process:

5 Business community
5 Civil society
5 Technical and academic community
5 Intergovernmental organizations

Pursuant to the ECOSOC decisions 2010 226, 2010 22, and 2010 228, maximum possible assistance, the diversity of ideas, and the equal representation of stakeholders from developing and developed countries in the Working Group should be ensured in consultation with the stakeholders.

The report of this Working Group will be adopted by consensus.


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