[ALAC-Announce] REMINDER: Round 2 of At-Large Board Director Election Ends at 2359 Today

ICANN At-Large Staff staff at atlarge.icann.org
Sun Nov 28 20:28:08 UTC 2010

>From Cheryl Langdon-Orr:

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Subject: Re: [ALAC-Internal] REMINDER: Round 2 of At-Large Board Director Election Ends at 2359 Today

>From one who is on the side of the dateline where it is already MONDAY  please note the close dates use UTC times and dates not days for a reason (a VERY GOOD ONE IMO) and that means the reference by staff to a day of the week might confuse some...  I do apologize =>  PLEASE  NOTE  the Round 2 Vote closes at 2359 UTC 28th November and at the time of writing this email it is approx 1930 UTC on the 28th so there is a few hours to cast your vote.

Cheryl Langdon-Orr

On 28 November 2010 23:15, ICANN At-Large Staff <staff at atlarge.icann.org<mailto:staff at atlarge.icann.org>> wrote:
Dear All,

This is to remind you that the second round of the online election for the
Board Director will end today Sunday at 2359 UTC.

A separate email was sent to the ALAC members and RALO Chairs who have not
cast their vote so far.


Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Seth Greene, Gisella Gruber-White,
Marilyn Vernon, Kristina Nordström
ICANN At-Large Staff

email: staff[at]atlarge.icann.org<http://atlarge.icann.org>
website: www.atlarge.icann.org<http://www.atlarge.icann.org>

On 26/11/2010 10:40, "ICANN At-Large Staff" <staff at atlarge.icann.org<mailto:staff at atlarge.icann.org>> wrote:

> Dear All,
> In accordance with the At-Large Board Director selection time-line, the
> second round of the online election for the Board Director starts today and
> ends on Sunday, 28 November at 2359 UTC. (see
> http://www.atlarge.icann.org/announcements/announcement-29oct10-en.htm)
> All authorized participants - that being the members of the ALAC and the
> RALO chairs - received their voting credentials by mail a couple of minutes
> ago.
> In accordance with Article VI, Section 4 of the ICANN Bylaws, ALAC members
> Sébastien Bachollet and Alan Greenberg will not participate in this election
> as they are among the final candidates. Sébastien Bachollet will be replaced
> by Olivier Crépin-Leblond. However, in accordance with the NomCom rules,
> Alan Greenberg cannot be replaced as he is a NomCom-selected member of the
> ALAC. (see Article VI, Section 4 of ICANN Bylaws:
> http://www.icann.org/en/general/bylaws.htm#VI)
> The complete list of eligible voters is attached below.
> If you are eligible to vote and did not receive the message due to spam
> filtering or for some other technical reason, you may access the poll at
> this URL and login with your username and password:
> https://www.bigpulse.com/37661
> Detailed information about the candidates is available under:
> https://community.icann.org/display/DirCan/At-Large+Director+Candidate-Commu
> nity+Forum+-+11.10
> ********
> The question to be put will be the following:
> Who should be selected as the At-Large Board Director?
> PLEASE SELECT  one (1) preferred candidate.
> With possible answers:
> Sébastien Bachollet
> Alan Greenberg
> ********
> Please note this vote is a an anonymous, standard, plurality vote. It will
> not be possible to see live results and who has voted so far.
> Should round 2 result in a tie, the ABSdt agreed to use Excel Random Numbers
> formula to identify the winner. Random Numbers formula allows a random
> number to be picked out of a given total of numbers.  In the event of a tie
> vote, At-Large Staff would run the Excel Random Number formula in the
> presence of a member of ICANN¹s Legal team.
> In the Excel Random Numbers formula, the candidates would be given the
> numerical equivalent to the position of their family name in the
> alphabetical order (e.g.  Sébastien Bachollet would be given the numerical
> value 1 and Alan Greenberg would be given the numerical value 2.)
> (See ALAC rules of procedure:
> https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Rules+of+Procedure)

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