[ALAC-Announce] Election Call for ALAC Liaisons to serve from Dec 2010 to ICANN AGM 2011

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Sat Nov 27 17:10:24 UTC 2010

>From Cheryl Langdon-Orr:

Election Call for ALAC Liaisons to serve from  Dec 2010 to ICANN AGM 2011

The continuing* Liaison positions, and those currently serving in the role (until the ICANN AGM in Cartagena) is listed below; With the exception of Adam Peak (who is the next Nominating Committee Chair),  the incumbent Liaisons are able to stand for reappointment.  Nominations are now called for each of the following Liaison positions:-

December 2009-2010 ALAC Liaisons

 *   GNSO – Alan Greenberg<http://www.icann.org/en/committees/alac/greenberg.html>
 *   ccNSO – Rudi Vansnick<http://www.icann.org/en/committees/alac/vansnick.html>
 *   SSAC – Patrick Vande Walle<http://www.icann.org/en/committees/alac/vande-walle.html>
 *   IDN Policy – James Seng<http://www.icann.org/en/committees/alac/seng.htm>
 *   GNSO-NCSG – Adam Peak<http://www.icann.org/en/committees/alac/peake.html>

*Board Liaison – Vanda Scartezini<http://www.icann.org/en/biog/scartezini.htm> NOTE:This role terminates with the seating of the At-Large Director selected Board Member for seat #15 on the ICANN Board, at the 2010 AGM.

Your attention is also drawn to the relevant sections of the ALAC Rules of Procedure (ROP 4-6) inserted below in relation to the criteria required and other matters relating to appointment made by the ALAC.

ALAC Liaison Election Schedule November - December 2010

26 November 2010 Election Call  (sent to lists.)

6 December 2010 Deadline for Liaison Nominations (to be sent to lists.)

9 December  2010 Chair to post to the public ALAC list an “election summary” message (sent to lists.)

9 December 2010 Nominations are discussed

10 December 2010 Deadline for Nominees to Accept their Nomination (sent to lists and or as notified and recorded on the relevant Election Pages of th At-Large Wiki.)

13-17 December 2010 Election of ALAC Liaisons (if required => where only one nomination is received for any Liaison position the nominee will be confirmed in that role on December 10th)

17 December 2010 Election Results announced and any unconfirmed Liaisons begin in their roles

Excerpts from the ALAC Rules of Procedure (ROP) relating to Liaisons of the ALAC


4.1 Liaisons to ICANN's Advisory Committees, Supporting Organizations and Constituencies can be established by approval of the Committee; in that case, they will follow the rules established for the appointment and functioning of the GNSO Liaison

4.2 Refers to The Board Liaison, and is therefore not relevant here, and will be redacted from the ALAC ROP after the 2010 AGM

4.3 The election can take place by electronic mail, online balloting, written balloting, or any other means deemed convenient and accurate

4.4 All liaisons serve for a term of one year starting from the closure of an Annual General Meeting and ending at the closure of the following Annual General Meeting.

4.5 Liaisons shall be freely chosen by the ALAC, according to the following criteria:

4.6 They shall normally be persons who are current or former members of the ALAC, or are anyway familiar with the activities and functioning of ICANN and of the ALAC;

4.7 They shall accept to serve on behalf of the At-Large Community by acting for the good of the entire Committee, working to bridge differences and build consensus, but also recognizing difference and enabling different opinions to be shared;

4.8 They shall accept, while acting in their capacity as an ALAC representative, to put the collective views of the ALAC, always, in front of their own.


5.1  There is no requirement for a Liaison to be a member of the At-Large Advisory Committee;**

5.2  A conflict of interest statement must be filed;

5.3  A person may not serve two different liaison positions at the same time in;

5.4  All liaisons can be removed before the end of their term by a vote of recall according to rule 11;

5.5  All liaisons have a duty of performing their roles with diligence and loyalty to the Committee, and are bound to meet the minimum participation requirements set forth in Rule 21. In case of failure to do so, the Chair shall call a vote of recall.

The mission and responsibilities of each Liaison of the ALAC are:

5.6 To participate diligently in the meetings and activities of the body he/she is liaison to;

5.7 To communicate and advocate the positions of the ALAC to such body;

5.8 To report to the ALAC the current and upcoming activities of the body he/she is liaison to, as far as this is possible under the timing and confidentiality constraints of such body;

5.9 When this is possible under such constraints, ask to the ALAC for advance instructions

on matters that are going to be discussed by such body.


6.1 All liaisons have the same rights of access to information, mailing lists and documents as the ordinary ALAC members.

 **NOTE:  there is no assured travel funding for ALAC Liaisons to attend ICANN Meetings unless they are serving ALAC members so assurances that they can still perform their role will be required.

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO)
ALAC Chair 2007-2010

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